Bhushi Dam Video: Family of 5 including 2 minors swept away & die in 'tourist hotspot' Lonavala Waterfall

A Pune-based family's trip to Lonavala became their last after 5 of them died after being swept away in Bhushi Dam

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Lonavala often witnesses boom of tourism in monsoon as people visit Maharashtra's hill station to beat the scorching heat. Lonavala's Bhushi Dam is one of the many places where people visit in large numbers. However, a family's trip to Lonavala became their last after 5 of them died after being swept away in Bhushi Dam. As per reports, three people, including two minors, died after drowning in a waterfall behind the Bhushi Dam in Pune's Lonavala area, and two kids of the same family are missing. The incident occurred around 12:30 pm on June 30. 

The victims whose bodies have been recovered have been identified as Shahista Ansari (36), Amima Ansari (13), and Umera Ansari (8). Those missing are Adnan Ansari (4) and Maria Sayyad (9). The family hails from the Sayyad Nagar area of Pune City. Notably, Bhushi Dam video or Bhushi Dam Mishap Video is going viral on social media. 

In the viral Bhushi Dam accident video, the family can be seen standing in the middle of the strong current of the waterfall in the Bhushi Dam. A few other people can be seen in panic and asked the family to try to come back on the ground. The family stuck in the strong currents can be seen holding each other tightly. A few people can be seen trying to help the family by extending long branches of trees so that they could hold it come on the ground. 

After being tiered of holding together and standing against the current, the woman tried to walk towards the land, however, she slipped and swept away along with a girl. The man continued to hold his family tight but after sometime, the current was so strong that it swept away the entire family. 

Currently, search is underway. Sunil Gaikwad of Shivdurga Mitra Mandal Lonavala was quoted saying, "Today, we recovered one body from the group of five. We are still searching for four-year-old Adnan. Alongside the Lonavala Police and Lonavala Municipal Council, we are engaged in search operations to find him as soon as possible."

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