Bigg Boss gave a shock to all the VIP members saying that the non-VIP members will be getting a chance to steal the VIP seats. The VIPs and the non-VIPs were seen having serious discussions about who should go ahead to benefit themselves in the game. To everyone's surprise, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra were kicked out of the task and Simba Nagpal turned out to be the game-changer so far. 

Earlier it was seen that after the jail was introduced in the house, Rajiv Adatia becomes the first member to enter the same which was decided by the VIP members.
Tejasswi was the first to be eliminated from the VIP task. Tejasswi and Vishal were the two low performers in the first rounds and Neha Bhasin, who played the role of Rakshas, chose Vishal to move forward in the game and kicked out Tejasswi.

In the second round, a huge fight broke out between Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundrra as the former accused the latter of cheating. Pratik tried removing the extra weight from Karan's basket, however, Karan fought back saying that Pratik wasn't the one to be involved as Simba Nagpal was in charge. 

Karan and Nishant tried to convince Simba to give them a chance to continue in the game. While Karan told Simba that he won't be making decisions based on his personal equations and will be fair with everyone, Nishant admitted that he gives preferences to his connections and will stand by them. Simba ended up choosing Nishant and kicked out Karan from the task.


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Fans were elated to see Simba choosing Nishant over Karan and praised him for his decision. 

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