BJP's Sushil Rinku serves Jalandhar MP Charanjit Channi with defamation notice; seeks Rs 5 crore in damages

Former Jalandhar MP Sushil Rinku's defamation notice against former Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi came days before the Jalandhar West constituency bye-election.

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BJP leader Sushil Rinku on Sunday sent a legal notice to former Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi over his alleged controversial remarks on him. Charanjit Singh Channi won the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 from Jalandhar and defeated other parties' candidates including BJP's Sushil Rinku. Former Jalandhar MP Sushil Rinku's legal notice came days before the Jalandhar West constituency is all set to undergo byelections. In his legal notice, Sushil Rinku pointed out that former Punjab CM Channi during his address to the media allegedly accused him of being involved in drug peddling, lottery, gambling, robbery, theft, and snatching. Below is what Sushil Rinku's defamation notice served by Advocate Pershant Kumar Sareen said- 

"...Since, my client had been working for the interest of the people of Punjab and had never sided any anti social elements, but you noticee in a meeting/campaign before the by elections of M.L.A. for the constituency of Jalandhar (West). In that meeting, while making statement to the media person, you noticee raised serious allegations against my client that he had been engaged in Drug peddling, Lotteries, Gambling, Robbing, Theft, and Snatching.

That all the allegations made by you noticee, are absolutely false, baseless and without any evidence. The allegations made by you are completely fabricated as my client had never indulged in such activities, nor had he ever booked under law for the commission of alleged crimes.

That due to making of such statement, which you have done purposely, my client had degraded among the General Public of Punjab and has been subjected to unwarranted Public scrutiny, ridicule, and harassment, which has not only taken a toll on his mental and emotional well being, but also, tarnished his esteem reputation which is integral to his ability to serve the people of Punjab. You had deliberately assassinated the character of my client, knowingfully well that my client is innocent and had never involved in the alleged crimes as alleged by you in the said meeting.

This act of you noticee, is not only defamed my client in the eyes of general public, but also, tarnished his image in the General Public, Political Fraternity, Society and friend circle. The said statement has been widely circulated on the social media in entire Punjab, which became viral. Upon seeing the contents of the said news, the political fraternity, relatives, friends had contacted my client to know the actual facts regarding the news aforesaid. During this turmoil, my client had suffered more mental and physical stress. Further, any future opportunities for the rendering of the my client’s duties to serve the public of Punjab as well as any collaborations have been jeopardized as these false allegations have created an environment of suspicion and mistrust.

That due to the false allegations made by you which had been circulated in social media widely in the Jalandhar District as well as in entire Punjab, my client had suffered both mentally and physically. Furthermore, my client had suffered a great set back in his personal life as the members of the society had started looking upon my client with a suspicious eye. You noticee deliberately made false allegations against my client in the said meeting to malign the reputation of my client. This deliberate act of you noticee has tarnished the honour, integrity and valuable assets of my client.

Further, my client who was enjoying an esteem reputation in the eyes of general public, which has been tarnished by you due to you aforesaid illegal and deliberate act. My client as a result of the aforesaid illegal act committed by you noticee, has been defamed in the eyes of his relations as well as in the eyes of general public of Punjab. He has been ostracised by the society and has practically become an outcast because the people known to him started believing that my client had committed the said offence and as such, you noticee is liable to pay damages to my client to the tune of Rs.5 Crores."