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With growing cases in India, many Bollywood celebrities are coming under the radar of Coronavirus. Almost every day, we hear the news that someone has come under contact with this deadly virus. The latest celebs who have joined the list are famous Bollywood Singer Vishal Dadlani and actress Swara Bhasker.

The two shared the news on their social media handle.

Vishal Dadlani shared in his post,

“This is for anyone who may have come in contact with me this last week or 10 days.
Sadly, despite every precaution,I've tested Covid Positive.
At no point, except during weekly shoots (where all testing protocols were followed to the best of my knowledge), have I met anyone without a mask on. Nor have I touched anything unsanitised, as far as I know.
My symptoms are relatively mild, but still quite debilitating. Please be careful.”

Meanwhile, Swara Bhasker and her family came in contact of this novel virus. Swara shared,

“Hello Covid!
Just got my RT-PCR test resulted and have tested positive. Been isolating & in quarantine. Symptoms include fever, a splitting headache and loss of taste. Double vaccinated so hope this passes soon.
SO grateful for family & to be at home.
Stay safe everyone“

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