In a blood-boiling incident, a case of honour killing has come to the fore in Bihar's Buxar. The Buxar inter-caste marriage has taken the centre stage ever since the father-in-law tried to shoot his own son-in-law.  Interestingly, the entire incident was caught on CCTV camera and ever since then, the video has gone viral. The Buxar honour killing CCTV footage has shocked the country as a man tried to shoot his own son-in-law in broad daylight for marrying his daughter in an inter-caste marriage. 

Reportedly, the man shot his son-in-law in broad daylight for marrying his daughter against the family's wishes being a man of a different caste. The incident is reportedly from the Dumraoan village of Buxar district in Bihar. The Buxar honour killing viral video was caught on CCTV footage and therefore started doing rounds on social media. 

In the viral Buxar honour killing video, it can be seen that the man sitting on a chair being groomed when two men (the father of the girl along with his son) enter the shop and shoot him with a gun in the face from behind. However, the man apparently missed the first shot and the victim somehow dodged the bullet, after which, the victim was dragged outside the shop by two men and shot again.

Following that the shooter then attacks the victim with what seems like a razor he picked up from the shop while another man shoots him again in the head. They later beat him brutally and kick and punch him repeatedly leaving him dead right outside the shop. The man's bloodied body can be seen lying in the corner.

Watch Buxar Honour Killing CCTV footage

As per reports, the victim was identified as Monu Rai, who is the brother of local Municipal Councillor Sonu Rai. Monu was murdered by his own father-in-law Sunil Pathak, retired army personnel. As per the Police report,  the father-in-law surrendered himself after shooting his own son-in-law. His son Dhanu Pathak is also an accomplice in the case.

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