A little girl was almost run over by a speeding SUV when she was trying to cross the street on her scooter in California, USA. California SUV little girl video has shaken the internet and therefore it has gone viral. Interestingly, the California SUV little girl viral video has also started a debate among Americans that whether the car was at fault or not. California SUV little girl accident viral video was reportedly filmed on September 14 when a person named Jison Hong was at a traffic stop and the camera on her dashboard caught a girl on a scooter nearly being struck by a dark SUV that did not stop for the girl and her family as they crossed the street.

In the California San Mateo SUV little girl video, it can be seen two children on their scooters fully equipped with protection are trying to cross the street when the street light was alleged to 'Yellow'. It is clearly visible in the San Mateo video that two children on a scooter were crossing the road with a man in blue t-shirt who was dragging a cart with himself. Suddenly, a speeding SUV crosses the road almost hitting the girl. In fact, the girl almost came under the speeding SUV as she fell down from the horrific impact of it.

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To be precise, the incident took place near Franklin Parkway in the Bay Meadows neighborhood. As per US media reports, Police have identified the speeding driver as an inexperienced teenage boy. The girl's father informed the Police that his child is doing fine, however, the family is still in shock. He also extended his gratitude to the community for their support and the city's government for quick action on the crosswalk where the child was saved by a whisker.

"We are monitoring the traffic in that area so that we can continue to be proactive and make sure that the area continues to be safe for the residents and pedestrians and other motorists,” Officer Alison Gilmore of the San Mateo Police Department was quoted by US media after Hong's allegation that the Police has been notified multiple times over the issue of the crosswalk.

Currently, an investigation is underway into the above-mentioned case.

Netizens divided over California SUV little girl viral video

After the video went viral on social media, One user wrote, "He was a 16 y/o driver. He came back and apologized. Those yellow lights aren't enough. I'm an experienced driver and I've missed them. They're good at night but during the day, not so much."

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Another user wrote, "The thing is, it was an INTERSECTION. And the first thing every driver should learn is that at EVERY intersection, you should Slow down

Pay attention to stopped vehicles Look for pedestrians.He should have noticed the stopped vehicle to his right!"

"Officers said the teenage driver wasn't reckless, but inexperienced. He wasn't cited because a vehicle-code infraction wasn't committed in an officer's presence, authorities said," added another user.

Another user wrote, "Driver fault but as a parent of 2 little girls you have to be much more aware as a parent then this guy…smh"

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