Pitching for reformation on Canada's electoral system, Leader of the Liberal Party Justin Trudeau said if his party is re-elected, he would get rid of Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system. However, he added that there should be more agreement on the issue.  

Further, Trudeau said he is not in favour of proportional representation as an alternate option for first-past-the-post because it “gives more weight to smaller parties that are perhaps fringe parties.”

The leader said rather he would prefer a ranked ballot method as it doesn't render divisive elections. 

Mr Trudeau had raised the possibility of electoral reforms first in 2015 with a promise that the federal election that took that year would utilise the first-past-the-post system, a pledge that he eventually doesn't go back to. 

The leader was questioned about the issue on Saturday during a campaign halt in Aurora, Ontario. This was soon after his party notified him that it was denouncing a Toronto candidate who had earlier been charged with sexual assault, though the charge was dropped later. On Friday, the party said that it heard of the allegations against Kevin Vuong through a report in the Toronto Star a day before and had immediately asked him to stop his election campaign. 

In a statement released on Saturday, the party stated that Vuong will not be a Liberal candidate anymore. In case he is elected as representative for Spadina-Fort York on Monday, he wouldn't be a member of the Liberal caucus, the statement added. 

Refuting all the allegations against him, Vuong on Friday in an official statement remarked that the charges were revoked. 

Vuong was charged with sexual assault charges in 2019, court documents confirmed, although they were taken aback in the same year.  

Previously, Liberal party member Adam Vaughan represented Spadina Fort-York who is not running for the Federal polls again in 2021.

Vuong hasn’t commented yet on him being dropped by the Liberals. 

Trudeau had on Saturday said that the party has followed all due process and had "come to the conclusion this individual can no longer be a Liberal candidate in this election,” adding that his party would improve the candidate scrutinizing process in future to avoid similar situations. 

With only a day left for the polls in Canada, Trudeau keeps his attention fixed at the last minute votes. He stopped at several places, urged volunteers to vote, knocked at doors asking them to talk to their neighbours. He was received with friendly gestures, who thronged him for selfies, along with occasional protesters throwing insults from the outside. 

Justin Trudeau has over and over again repeated that his party will fight climate change, promote Covid vaccines and contended that Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole would "take Canada backwards."

Trudeau during his campaigns has remained humble about his post-election future, remarking that he wants to focus his time on the election day and not make any hypothesis. 

However, on Saturday, Mr Trudeau said he’s still not over with putting his agendas forward on issues like climate change, affordable child care and protecting seniors, saying he is excited about "not only for the days to come but the years to come together."

"There is lots of work still to do, and I'm nowhere near done yet," added Trudeau.     

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