Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the launch of a standardised COVID-19 vaccine certificate to make it easier for Canadians to travel internationally.

The digital certificate, which was shown on Thursday, will include a QR code that can be scanned at airports, train stations and other entry points.

"A standardised proof-of-vaccination certificate will be available when Canadians look to start travel," Trudeau said, asking those who have not administered the vaccine to do so as soon as possible. "We can put an end to this pandemic and get back to doing what we love,” he added.

According to government officials, the proof-of-vaccination certificate will have a Canadian identifying mark and will meet major international smart health card criteria.

Keeping privacy as a 'key priority', the document's data "only includes the minimum information needed to determine if a traveller meets their entry and public health requirements," according to the ministry.

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It will contain information such as a person's name, date of birth, and COVID-19 vaccine history, including how many doses they received and when they were vaccinated.

According to reports over 83 percent of Canadians are completely vaccinated against COVID-19.

Starting November 30, Canadians will be unable to board a plane for international or domestic travel without a proof-of-vaccination certificate, according to media reports.

Currently, Canadians can travel using a photo or a copy of a provincial vaccine certificate QR code.

Trudeau stated that the national government will cover the costs of implementing the standardised vaccination passport. "We're going to pick up the tab."

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