Canada PR? Contract marriage? This man from Punjab, India paid more than the deal

A strongly prevalent dream of almost every Punjabi is to settle abroad, and the nation of choice is Canada. Ends justify the means, as Punjabis of all ages follow and break the rules to get themselves to Canada. Visitor, education, work, marriage, and others are the methods of entry to Canada that are utilised. Further, exploiting this craze, many girls and their families have found a way to milk insane amounts of money from men and their families.

Dreams of Canada

Canada is a dream for many individuals from developing nations. These girls and boys, women and men have ambitions that are not satisfied by their home country.

Canada, on its part, welcomes people to make it their new motherland. Still, the nation expects you to work and contribute to the economy of Canada.

Marriage to move to Canada?

Now, marriage with someone who is already a PR (Permanent Residence) or a citizen of Canada is a ticket to move and settle in Canada.

But, not all is love and marriages of convenience are often entered into with the agreement that once the couple reaches Canada and the paperwork is completed and both the individuals become PR, divorce is applied for and both the parties go on their separate ways.

This arrangement is called paper marriage or contract marriage.

Well, this is an idealised scenario where both the parties keep their word. But who keeps their word in this world, right?

Frauds are rife

Since all this is a shady business and the over claim is that the man and woman are legal husband and wife, therefore, rates of cheating are high and often the terms of the agreement are breached as the girl begins to demand more cash than agreed upon to complete the deal.

A man from Jalandhar paid more, much more

As detailed earlier, a man from Jalandhar, Punjab contracted with a girl to arrange his passage and PR in Canada. The deal was finalised at $33,500.

The man did perform basic precautions and got the agreement in writing. The girl agreed to the contract and also to receiving the payment in writing.

All would have ended well for the man, but the girl decided to change the terms.

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Once she reached Canada, she stopped talking to the man. Via some common relatives, it was learned that she wants $13,400 more to see the deal through.

The man shocked at seeing his dreams, for which he paid through his nose, being dangled in front of his eyes and against the word he was given was in so much pain that the only respite he saw was ending his life.

The police has registered a case of fraud.

Girl and IELTS = Money making machine

The father of the daughter when interrogated by the police claimed that reasonable attempts were made to invite the man to Canada. However, he could not substantiate the claim.

Later, he claimed that he will not return the $33,500 that he and his daughter have received.

In a stark display of a woman’s character and her father conniving in using her and her IELTS certificate for even more money, the father announced that he will go the Court to get her daughter share from the dead man’s ancestral assets.

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