Canadian immigration in disarray as Corona continues to decimate dreams of people

“We are feeling depressed, harassed and frustrated”, students struggling for visa

- True Scoop

To manage the outbreak of the COVID-19 Canadian government has restricted traveling from India. Health authorities have issued some guidelines and restrictions that limit the processing of visa applications. Current processing time is difficult to predict. For now, priority applications are for Canadian and permanent residents returning home, vulnerable groups, and work permits for people who perform or support essential services.

Because of the pandemic, one has to submit the application around 90 days after one has received the invitation.

High Commission of Canada in India tweeted, “Visa Processing Delays, due to increased number of cases of #COVID19 in India and local restrictions in some areas, there will be a significant delay in the submission of passports and return services. Please don’t book your travel tickets to Canada until you have received your passport with your visa.” The High Commission added, “Processing times continue to be affected. We are prioritizing the applications from those people who are exempt from travel restrictions. Thank you for your understanding, will continue to process the applications soon.”

Last year, the Canadian Government has suspended the processing of the applications at 10 institutes. As a result, the students were depressed and frustrated.

Students who are still waiting for the applications held a protest in Chandigarh, India, in front of the office of the General Consulate of Canada and handed the applications to the members of staff.

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One of the students told, “We are attending online classes since 2020, without having any surety we will have a visa or not.” The student added, “We have deposited money in those ten colleges. We are feeling, harassed, and depressed.”

According to the federal data issued by the Canadian Government, more than 1000 people who arrived in the country over the past four weeks are tested positive for the coronavirus despite pre-departure testing.

Canadian Government has ordered the air travelers to spend three days in a hotel at their expense and if tested negative they can complete their 14-days quarantine at their home.