Cargo train's containers fall on railway tracks in Karnal, Haryana; trains rerouted

The incident occured at Tarawadi's railway track on Tuesday morning.

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In Karnal, Haryana, eight cargo train carriages derailed on Tuesday morning. The accident took place on Tarawadi's railway track where a goods train's eight containers fell onto the railroad track. Trains going towards both sides have been stopped since the collision due to the containers blocking the track. The train was reportedly travelling from Ambala to Delhi. The crew from Tarawadi, Karnal's railway department has begun mending the broken track. This collision has destroyed electric poles and railroad tracks. 

In light of the accident, the trains that are currently on this route have been rerouted. All trains are currently being moved via the Jakhal route. In addition, several trains have been rerouted to the Meerut route. According to reports, this collision occurred at around four o'clock today morning when the moving cargo train's containers began to tumble one after the other. About 1.5 kilometers passed before the train's loco pilot learned about the occurrence. The electrical cables on both sides of the railroad track were also broken by the containers.

Fortunately, no casualties are being reported from the incident. Numerous top railway officials, including the station superintendent, arrived at the scene as soon as they learned of the incident. Staff from GRP and RPF also arrived at the location. The railway crew is currently working hard to restore the track. How the containers fell off the speeding cargo train is still unknown and an investigation is underway.