CBSE announces assessment criterion to declare canceled Class X board exams result

To declare the final results, the school will have to constitute a committee consisting of the Principal and seven teachers.

The Central Board of Secondary Education on Saturday has announced the assessment criterion to declare the results of Class X canceled board exams. The Board has explained the assessment procedure on its official site

To declare the final results, the school will have to constitute a committee consisting of the Principal and seven teachers. However, two out of seven teachers will be from neighboring schools, which the schools will co-opt as the external members of the Committee.

Under the new procedure of assessment, students will be evaluated on the basis of marks obtained in the tests and exams held during the academic year. Assessment will be done out of a maximum of 100 marks for each subject. For this, 20 marks will be part of the Internal Assessment done by schools, and 80 marks will be based on periodic tests, half-yearly exams, or pre-board examinations.

As per the Board’s notice on evaluation, “The marks should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class 10 Board examinations.”

However, if the schools have conducted more than one examination, the committee will have to fix the weightage to be provided to each exam.

The CBSE statement further added, “As marks will be allocated at school level, they will strictly not be comparable across schools due to the variations in the quality of question papers, the evaluation standard and processes, the mode of conduct of exams, etc. Therefore, to ensure standardization, each school will have to internally moderate the marks to account for the school-level variations by using a reliable reference standard.”

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It may be noted here that for the students who missed to appear in any of tests during the academic year, the school will conduct one to one assessment either offline, online or telephonic to record documentary evidence of it.

For the students who could not appear for the school examination due to a  certain disability, the school may consider other activities such as portfolios, presentations, project, quiz and oral tests give done by such candidates during the session.

Pertinently, the Board will also give the grace marks to the students who would miss the minimum requirement to qualify for the exams while computing the results.

“In case after application of grace marks policy by the Board, any student not able to meet the qualifying criterion, he/she will be placed in “Essential Repeat” or “Compartment” Category,” it added.

CBSE in April decided to call off the Class X board exams due to the unprecedented surge in the Coronavirus cases across India. 

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