The CBSE board exams are just about to start on 26th April 22, 2022 and all the students across the country have already started preparing for the same. The Central Board of Secondary Examination has decided to shift back to the pattern of subjective type questions. This means that the questions appearing in the exam will not be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), the students will have to write all the answers. CBSE term 1 already took place in January and term 2 is expected to commence from April end. The sudden shift in the pattern of attempting answers might be challenging for the students.

These are some tricks that may help you prepare well:

Endeavor Time Management: There has been a shift in the pattern and the questions are going to be subjective types. This means the students are expected to write lengthy answers. They need to manage their time appropriately to complete and attempt all the questions. Short answers can be finished in 2 to 3 lines which will require less time. So, the students can devote more time to the long questions.

Solve the in-between examples: The students who are just concentrating on NCERT must try the example given in between the chapters. Sometimes, they appear in the exam as it is. Try to get your hands on such examples possible.

Give a try to sample papers: For both class 10th and 12th sample papers are available in the market. They come for every subject which is a good opportunity for the student to avail. These sample papers are a good source if anyone wants to work on their writing speed. The student can monitor the time while attempting and then work on it.

Figure out mistakes: Once the student has completed the sample paper, they can cross-check it and easily figure out mistakes. They can even re-attempt those questions. 

Go slow with revision: While preparing for the exam, don’t try to finish it all at once. Break it into parts and then prepare. Or one can divide their time according to their preference. 

Always utilize the reading time: This is a plus point provided by the CBSE board to all the students. They should always carefully read the question paper. Think about the long answers and just give a read on the short ones.

Make a strategy before you begin to write: According to your writing speed, you can segregate time into every section. If your speed is slow, try to finish off the short answers quickly. So that, you can dedicate more time to long answers. 

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Never overelaborate: Try to keep it crisp and concise. Over elaborating the answer will waste your time and skill.

Keep time to revise: Don’t only manage your time to complete the question paper. Always keep some extra time in your pocket to revise what you have written. This allows you to find out small mistakes and also whether you have attempted all the answers.

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