CBSE class 12th board results to be announced soon: Know different ways to keep yourself away from stress

CBSE class 12th board results are likely to be announced in the last week of May. However, official statement is yet to be released

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The board results for students of CBSE class 12th is likely to be announced very soon. Boards are very stressful period for every student, especially the 12th grade exams. After 12th grade, students deal with various stressful issues such as choosing career paths, graduation courses, etc. To get relived from this stress and focus more on self-growth, there are certain things that can be done. The students need to utilise this time wisely. They can perform various activities to enhance their skills and personalities which will be of great help to them in future.

Pursue extra-curricular activities:

  • Learn a new language: Learning a new language is a valuable skill and opens door for various career opportunities. It can also be a fun way to broaden your horizons. By learning new language, you get to know about different people, culture, etc.


  • Certificate Courses: Opting for various diploma or certified courses like web design, graphic design, creative writing, etc can be really helpful. Students can pursue these courses from online mediums like LinkedIn Learning, Upgrad, Swayam, etc. These certifications can help to make your resume look worthy of giving a job.


  • Academic Preparations: During this time, students can gain introductory knowledge of the field they have chosen for graduation. They can explore the textbooks and journals regarding their chosen courses. Apart from this, they can brush up their skills by enrolling in and practicing some online courses to strengthen their fundamentals. They can do research on various colleges, their environment, a few structures, eligibility criteria, placement details, etc., and if your chosen programme requires an entrance test, prepare for that during this time.


  • Self-exploration is much needed in an individual’s life. Students can discover themselves broadly during this period. Apart from all this, travelling can broaden your perspective and expose you to new cultures. Consider backpacking, volunteering abroad, or visiting a new place in your country.


  • Explore hobbies and interests: Pursue activities you've always wanted to try, like learning an instrument, taking a photography course, or joining a sports club. Pursuing activities that give you happiness can make you feel totally relaxed and stress-free.


The time from your last 12th boards examination to result is a crucial one. It helps students to get to know themselves and what they want to do in life. It helps students to bring out inner talents and do various activities that they always wanted to do.