CBSE class 9 book adds chapter on dating & relationships; Tinder requests to add THIS lesson as well

The dating chapter has been introduced to Value Education books for class 9 students of CBSE.

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The complexities of love, lust, and relationships often increase the gap between parents and teenagers. While the majority of teenagers often feel shy talking about their love life or relationship with their parents, parents on the other hand start to feel something fishy is going on and their children may be involved in illicit activities. There is a burning debate that teenagers should learn about adult education, mental health, and the complexities of love life from an early age. Now, it seems like the debate has started to bear fruitful results,  as a chapter of a Class 9th book of CBSE on love and relationships went viral on Thursday. 


Netizens have been termed the CBSE Class 9 Love and Relationship chapter as progressive. As per reports, the dating chapter has been introduced to Value Education books for class 9 students. These chapters are entirely dedicated to discussing the nuances of dating and relationships and also explain popular dating terms like 'ghosting', 'catfishing', and ‘cyberbullying' explained. Topics like crushes and ''special'' friendships are also explained through simple stories and examples. 


CBSE Value Education class 9 book's chapter pleasantly surprised the users on social media. In fact, many stated that these chapters were much needed especially in today's time. In fact, Tinder India also joined in and commented that perhaps there should also be a chapter on navigating breakups.


A user wrote, "9th class textbooks nowadays"


Another user wrote, "Incredible! Which board is this? CBSE, ICSE or State board."



Tinder India wrote, "next chapter : how to deal with breakups"



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