‘CCTVs in every booth, vehicle monitoring’: ECI ramps up surveillance in Punjab polling booths says Sibin C

Chief Election Officer (CEO) Punjab introduces revamped DISE system, mobile voter friendly apps, Web casting of polling station, Vehicle Monitoring and other initiatives for fair and impartial elections

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Aiming to make electoral process more efficient and transparent in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the Chief Electoral Office (CEO) Punjab has introduced major innovative initiatives in the IT sphere, including webcasting at all 24,433 polling stations in the state.


These novel initiatives include the launch of several mobile voter-friendly apps and websites, empowering voters to report election violations via phone, and monitoring the transportation of EVMs, along with installing CCTV cameras at polling stations.


Divulging the further details, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sibin C said that they are closely monitoring the election process through 100% webcasting of poll stations. For the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, CCTV surveillance will be ensured inside all 24,433 polling booths, apart from it cameras will be installed outside 1884 polling stations in all 13 constituencies where there are three or more polling stations.


Sibin C said that they have introduced a revamped NextGen District Information System for Elections (DISE) this time. It will be used to manage all aspects of elections, from collecting data of polling staff to scheduling rehearsals, randomizing polling staff and counting staff. The CEO said that this modernization aims to make elections more efficient, transparent, and secure.


The CEO said that this web-based application is utilized to integrate available employee data from other applications using APIs/CSV/Excel files. It will also assist in managing staff shortages after the initial stage by deploying additional staff.


In another initiative, the CEO said that live streaming from flying squad vehicles (FSV), and static surveillance teams are monitoring violations of the model code of conduct during election process. The poll activity management system (PAMS) used for deploying polling parties and updating voting information, such as the commencement of polling and the status of voter queues at closing hours, has also been revamped to enhance the efficiency of election-related activities. The mobile app will provide real-time data.


The CEO further said that other innovative initiatives by the Election Commission of India, including the Voter Helpline APP, providing citizens with convenience in finding their names in the electoral roll, submitting online forms, downloading their digital photo voter slip, filing complaints, and receiving replies on their mobile app.


Another crucial initiative is the mobile application 'Know Your Candidate,' allowing electors to access details and criminal background of any candidate. This app aims to provide wider publicity and greater awareness regarding the criminal background of contesting candidates to ensure transparent elections. It is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The CEO said that other novel initiatives by the ECI, including the launch of mobile voter-friendly app cVIGIL, which enables people to report the Model Code of Conduct violations, featuring live photo/video with live location. Any citizen can lodge a complaint through this mobile app, after which Flying Squads investigate the matter, and the Returning Officer takes a decision within 100 minutes, utilizing GPS to track the violation's location.


Likewise, the CEO said that Saksham-ECI, an application enabling Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to request new registration, address changes, alter particulars, and mark themselves as PwD. The app offers voice assistance, text-to-speech, accessibility features, among others, catering to the needs of PwDs during the electoral process.


  • All 24,433 polling stations covered with CCTV surveillance and additional cameras to be installed outside 1884 polling stations in Punjab.
  • Punjab CEO takes innovative IT initiatives to make electoral process more efficient and transparent
  • Introduces revamped DISE system, mobile voter friendly apps, Web casting of polling station, Vehicle Monitoring and other initiatives for conducting a fair and impartial elections.