'Chai Par Charcha' sparks political drama in Ludhiana; AAP candidate's son declares Raja Warring's support, PPCC Chief denies

A massive uproar was sparked when a photo of Punjab Congress Chief Raja Warring's pic went viral having tea at Ashok Parasar Pappi's house on June 1.

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While slowly and steadly the voters turnout in Punjab is increasing, a high voltage political drama has erupted in Ludhiana between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Congress. A massive uproar was sparked when a photo of Punjab Congress Chief Raja Warring's pic went viral having tea at Ashok Parasar Pappi's house. While Ashok Parasar Pappi is AAP's candidate from Ludhiana, Amrinder Singh Raja Warring is Congress' candidate from the same seat. It means Raja Warring and Pappi are at logger heads in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024. However. Raja Warring's visit to Pappi's house on the day of Phase 7 voting sparked multiple speculations. 

The speculations intensified when Ashok Pappi's son Vikas Parashar claimed that PPCC chief has declared his support to the Aam Aadmi Party. Addressing the media Vikas Parashar said, "We all were sitting at out booth in Shahpur. Then, Raja Warring arrived in his convoy. He said he wants to have some tea. As guests are like gods, then we offered him tea. During the tea time, Raja Warring said that no Congress leader offered him a single tea in the past few months, but AAP is giving him a great hospitality. He (Raja Warring) said that he will give his support to Pappi ji as he does not know anything about Ludhiana. The work which Pappi ji can do for Ludhiana, cannot be done by him. This is how he gave us the support."

Raja Warring's reaction to support to Pappi

After the statement of Vikas Parashar, Raja Warring came live on social media. During this, he completely rejected the statement of support to Ashok Parashar. Warring said that AAP workers and leaders are  his relatives. I have not given any support. He said that when he was passing by there, suddenly some youth came in front of his car and forcibly took him to his house for tea. He did not know that it was Pappi's house. Raja said that AAP people have resorted to dirty politics. Their defeat is certain, due to which they are doing such dirty politics in panic, they should be ashamed.

In this matter, BJP candidate Ravneet Singh Bittu reportedly said that today Congress candidate Amarinder Singh Raja Warring came to the house of Aam Aadmi Party candidate Ashok Parashar Pappi and surrendered. Bittu said that I was already saying that both are the same. Bittu said that today Warring has humiliated the Congress party. Bittu said that Warring surrendered today out of fear of Kejriwal and Bhagwant Singh Mann. 

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