‘First a child, now this’: Kapurthala villagers plead for help as stray dogs viciously maul woman to death

A woman was viciously torn apart by 15-30 stray dogs in a village near Sultanpur Lodhi after a child was also mauled a week ago according to the villagers

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In village Pasan Kadim nearby Kapurthala, 15-20 ‘man-eating’ stray dogs mauled a woman to death while another woman was seriously injured. These stray dogs scratched the woman so badly that the hair from her head was separated and even her scalp became visible. The villagers are terrified of the dogs, which have recently taken to profusely attacking the village residents. Villagers are now afraid of leaving their homes at night. The body of the deceased woman has been kept in the mortuary of Civil Hospital Sultanpur Lodhi for post-mortem while the injured woman is undergoing treatment in the hospital.


Giving further information, the village residents inform that a week ago, a child was also mauled to death by stray dogs about which even the police has no information. The villagers said that Ram Pari Devi, 32-year-old wife of Kewal Thakur alias Raju, who lives in the slums near the village, had taken her animals for grazing at 6 pm on Tuesday. During that, 15-20 stray dogs attacked Ram Pari Devi and viciously tore her to pieces. They scratched and tore her face off to such an extent which revealed her bare skull and scalped her hair off her head.


Villagers told that a few days ago, a child named Assu Kumar, son of Dinesh Muni, was also eaten alive by stray dogs, after which he also died. While Pinky Devi's wife Jogi Muni also became a victim of these dogs and was seriously injured. Currently, she is undergoing treatment in the Civil Hospital.


On receiving information about this incident, the police of Kabirpur police station reached the spot on Wednesday and started investigating the case. The body has been kept in the mortuary of Civil Hospital in Sultanpur Lodhi. A request has been made to the administration to get rid of such man-eating dogs as soon as possible.


SHO Gursahib Singh of Kabirpur police station said that he received the information on Wednesday morning. The body has been kept in the hospital mortuary for post-mortem. No one informed the police about the incident with the child and the child's family have also left the village. He informs that there is Haddarori (Pile of bones) near the village, where these dogs stay. He is also writing a letter to the Municipal Council Sultanpur Lodhi addressing this issue, so that such incidents do not happen in future.