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This is the story of Subodh Sunanda Bapu Londhe famously known for his name 'Helmet Guy' who has been setting trends on social media for his innovative dance videos on Traffic signals. Subodh is a local resident of Kalyan in Maharashtra. His videos are getting viral on the internet for over a year.

The young man Subodh shows off his dancing skills on the signal every time he has to wait on the red lights. A Twitter user recently shared a video captioned, "Never a dull moment in India (even at a red light). In the video, a young man can be seen dancing on the song Chamak Challo of Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor. The video got viral over the Internet.

Londhe is a YouTuber by profession, he shares his videos often on his Instagram account. The videos are always appealing to people to wait on the signal to turn the lights green. Londhe is a non-professional dancer, but he uses his love for dancing to spread awareness. His video captions are always related to traffic rules.

He is known for his dance at the traffic lights as well as his signature helmet. Recently, he made an appearance at a wedding function with his helmet grabbing the attention of the viewers. His aim is to spread awareness with joy. 

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