Comedian Jaime Caravaca beaten on stage after he cracks 'adult joke' on man's 3-month-old baby; Watch

Comedian Jaime Caravaca was punched in his face by a man after he allegedly cracked an 'adult joke' on his 3-month-old baby on social media.

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Spanish comedian Jaime Caravaca was physically assaulted by a man during his live show in Madrid in front of the entire audience. Comedian Jaime Caravaca was punched in his face by a man after he allegedly cracked an 'adult joke' on his 3-month-old baby. Jaime Caravaca was assaulted on Monday. The man who attacked Jaime Caravaca during the show has been identified as Jaime Caravaca. Now Spanish comedian video or Jaime Caravaca viral video is doing rounds all around the world and people are wondering what the real reason for the brawl.

Why Jaime Caravaca was beaten during the Madrid show?

In the viral video, Jaime Caravaca was seen performing on the stage when suddenly man came up on stage and started throwing punches on him. The attacker Alberto Pugilato pushed Caravaca in the corner of the stage as he accused him of making "paedophilic comments" about his son.

"Say them to my face…you piece of trash…now!," Alberto Pugilato screamed.

For the unversed, Alberto Pugilato had been referring to a bizarre comment Caravaca had left underneath an image uploaded onto X (formerly Twitter) of him posing with his infant son the previous day.

Alberto Pugilato had captioned the post "happiness and pride", in which his baby boy's face is covered with a red heart emoji. However, hard-left Spanish comedian Caravaca 'adult' comments about s*x acts involving the baby boy.

As per reports, Alberto Pugilato was heard saying in the video, "What were you saying, huh? He's three-months-old. Trash. Now what? Say it to my face...say it to my face now." After one man tries to intervene in the brawl, Alberto Pugilato quickly apologised for his behaviour. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just a father who is defending his child. He has made s*xualising comments about my three-month-old son," said Alberto Pugilato. 

Reacting to the video, a user wrote, "That's seriously messed up. The dad showing up makes total sense. Some jokes cross the line—way too far."

Another user wrote, "Notice even the security are like, “Not gonna stop this dad from doing what needs to be done."

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