CM Channi's relative Mohindar Singh KP could not get a ticket from Jalandhar west or Adampur. This has led him to be frustrated from the party and he has been found saying in the public domain that he would contest the assembly elections, but other details are still awaited 

He is all set to meet his supporters within a day or two to decide from which party he must contest elections . He has also said that he was promised a ticket by the party high command, and he was diligently working in the favor of congress. But the party has disappointed him this time . It is worth mentioning that KP is amongst the well-known leaders of the dalit community of doaba region , his father was shot dead by terrorists and his family belongs to the dalit community.

Doaba region has a population comprising of 33% Dalits and he is a well-known dalit leader in the region , his family is also close ally of the community , so if KP decides to join another party and contest from the region it would be catastrophic for Congress party . So, it would be safe to say that congres this time can see a very vivid Margin in the region 

According to sources the party is making all kinds of efforts to bring KP back and even CM Channi is trying that KP does not leave the party but as this could be KP's last election, if he does not contest time his political career would be over

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