Religious, Political events accelerated COVID spike in India: WHO

As per the World Health Organisation elections and Kumbh Mela were the reason for the spike in coronavirus cases in India.

WHO religious-and-political-events-are-the-Corona-spreader-in-India World-Health-Organisation

As per the report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the elections and Kumbh Mela held last month were the main reasons for the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country. 

On Wednesday, WHO released an update regarding the coronavirus and stated that there are several reasons behind the rise of coronavirus cases in India. WHO did not name any of such events, but said that large gatherings (without social distancing) are the main cause of the spread.

WHO reported that B. 1 .617 coronavirus variant was found in October 2020 in the country. Now, the increase in corona cases and deaths have raised many questions about B. 1 .617, B. 1. 1. 7, and other such coronavirus variants. 

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To detect the coronavirus variant the World Health Organisation has sequenced 0.1% of India’s coronavirus positive samples to the Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza Data (GISAID). WHO’s weekly update revealed that India is witnessing a spike in coronavirus due to variants like B. 1. 1. 7 and B. 1 .617. 

According to WHO, in India, 21% of coronavirus cases were detected with B. 1 .617. 1 variant and 7% were detected with B. 1. 617. 2 variant till last of April. It was also revealed that the growth of these two variants is more as compared to other variants. 

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WHO stated that there is a slight decrease in coronavirus cases and death in the last week. During this period India reported around 55 lakh new coronavirus cases and 90 thousand people lost their lives. Last week, 95% of the total cases in South-East Asia were reported from India and 93% of the deaths have occurred in India.