The fourth episode ‘Adhura Sach’ of the much-acclaimed crime thriller Criminal Justice of season 5 has left the viewers on brink of suspense, hyping the urge for the release of episode 5.

In the recent episode that dropped last Friday, the lawyer Madhav Mishra takes on the matter of Mukul after the latter has been imprisoned as a key suspect in the murder of his step-sister, Zara.

The event turns the life of Mukul upside down as his mom Avantika tries to get the details of who truly killed Zara sideways as the story unfolds.

But gradually things start going out of reach and the Public prosecutor Lekha advises the Judge to convict Mukul as he is an adult. Mukul attempts to make impulsive moves as the situation around him turns unfavorable, and by that time his mother sets taking not and develops suspicion over his son’s real feelings towards Zara.

What will happen thereafter how will things proceed every single thing will get disclosed tomorrow when the makers drop the season’s 5th episode.

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The crime-based thriller consists of 9 episodes with an average of 45 minutes each and every new episode as has been described earlier release every Friday at 1.00 AM IST.

The web series starring Pankaj Tripathi streams on the Disney Plus Hotstar in a total of 6 languages including Hindi and Marathi.

To enjoy the best of the thriller like these and a gazillion other content, subscribe to the premium version of Disney Hotstar and get the best out of the entertainment dosage. You can even watch the previous two episodes of criminal justice on the platform.

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