Famously known as 'Internet playboy' and widely followed on social media, Dan Bilzerian has finally spoken up for the first time after he himself fueled his own marriage rumours after he shared a picture of him in groom attire with a mystery woman in bride attire. As soon as the Dan Bilzerian marriage photo was shared by the 'American Armenian billionaire', fans went into shock. In fact, Dan Bilzerian marriage photos went viral in no time. Not only, but the query about his mysterious bride also became the top asked question on Google trends. Now, the professional poker player broke his silence on his marriage in his own 'party' style, however, fans are now wondering whether it is Dan Bilzerian honeymoon or just a normal video.

Dan Bilzerian on Friday took to his Instagram and shared a video of himself and group of his glamourous friends partying at a beach house. However, what caught everyone's eyes is Dan Bilzerian's caption. While the billionaire voiced for being single, one of the users sensed that the party video is might be Dan Bilzerian honeymoon. "Marriage is a trap, stay single," wrote Dan Bilzerian promoting his brand Ignite ending the speculation and reports on his marriage. 

Dan Bilzerian honeymoon video or normal party?

Coming back to Dan Bilzerian marriage rumours, the billionaire posted his photo with a woman walking down the aisle, however, the internet playboy did not tag his alleged 'better-half' fueling speculation that the billionaire might be 'faking' his marriage. Later, Dan Bilzerian alleged wife's name and identity was revealed. 

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It is pertinent to mention when Bilzerian did not tag his better half, he himself sparked rumours, and now again the 'Internet playboy' is back with his mysteries. It is now up to Dan Bilzerian if he wishes to end rumours or speculations revolving around him or not. 

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