American Armenian billionaire, professional poker player, and Instagrammer Dan Bilzerian on Monday shocked and surprised his fans after a posted a picture of himself walking down the aisle with a mysterious woman. Dan Bilzerian marriage became the talk of the town around as the internet sensation is known for living the life 'without commitment'. In fact, Dan Bilzerian wife's name was among the top searched queries by fans on social media. 

Those wondering why people are looking for Dan Bilzerian wife's name or querying about Who is Dan Bilzerian Wife can read further. Dan Bilzerian posted his photo with a woman walking down the aisle, however, the internet playboy did not tag his alleged 'better-half' fueling speculation that the billionaire might be 'faking' his marriage. However, Dan Bilzerian wife's name and identity have finally been revealed. 

Who is Dan Bilzerian's wife?

Reportedly, Dan Bilzerian's wife's name is Hailey Grice. The professional poker player reportedly tied the knot with Hailey Grice on July 24 at a secret French wedding. Although not much information is available regarding Dan Bilzerian wife Hailey Grice, it is reported that she is a popular model and has appeared in many projects. 

It is pertinent to mention here that Dan Bilzerian's wife's name has been revealed by a website and True Scoop does not authenticate or can confirm whether the girl alongside Blizerian is Hailey Grace. 
Is Dan Bilzerian really married?

It is pertinent to mention here that, Dan Bilzerian wrote 'I finally did it' sparking speculation that he might be married. As soon as the Dan Bilzerian marriage photo went viral on social media, many wondered who might be the woman who got a relationship commitment from the 'poker player', while others suggested that the Dan Bilzerian marriage photo is just a publicity stunt. 

Till Dan Bilzerian does not issue his official detailed statement himself, his fans have to wait for the answer if the billionaire is really married or the viral picture was just a prank or a part of a publicity stunt. 

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