A recent viral image shows a heated argument between two women on the Delhi Metro. In the image, one woman angrily shouts, "How dare you call me crazy?"

Despite repeated warnings from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), disruptive behaviours like dancing, singing, fighting, and disturbances continue to be a problem in the Delhi Metro. Recently, many videos have emerged showing passengers engaging in bad behaviour, causing disruptions, and even arguing over seats. The latest incident involves a heated argument between a young man and a woman during their journey.

"You called me crazy!"

The argument begins with one woman standing while the young man and another woman are seated. The second woman requests a seat change, leading to a heated exchange of pushing and shoving. Eventually, the standing woman starts shouting, "How dare you call me crazy?" The young man gets agitated and insists, "I didn't say anything serious to you," repeatedly asking her to be quiet. However, the standing woman remains firm, warning, "You will face the consequences."

Mutual Accusations

Afterward, both women accuse each other of wrongdoing. The standing woman accuses the woman sitting with the young man of deceiving her parents while spending time with him. The entire incident was recorded and quickly spread on social media, sparking numerous comments and discussions.

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'Dealing It After a Long Day at the Office'

Commuters express frustration in the comments. One user says, "After a long day at the office, we have to witness all this in the metro. Another person adds, "Unfortunately, such accidents are now typical on the tube." People are irritated by their fellow commuters' lack of tolerance.

Previous Incidents of Women Clashes in the Metro

These incidents in the Delhi Metro are not isolated, as videos of disputes and confrontations are frequently shared on social media. In another recent video, two women argue intensely over a seat, with one woman raising her voice and using profanity. During the argument, one of the women threatens to hit the other with a belt, saying, "I'll hit you with a belt, not shoes. It's the era of bullets. Which era do you belong to?"

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