Denim Jacket at Rs 99k, Tshirt at Rs 21k; Aryan Khan's new D’yavol X collection leaves fans stunned

DyavolX's new line is titled 'Triple Threat. X-2' and it was unveiled by Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday.

OTT DyavolX DyavolX New Collection

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday unveiled his son Aryan Khan's clothing brand new collection. Aryan Khan has started his clothing brand DyavolX and SRK's son has launched a new collection under it. DyavolX's new collection official poster includes Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana Khan, and also Aryan Khan. DyavolX's new line is titled 'Triple Threat. X-2'. It offers a range of apparel including hoodies, T-shirts, crop tops, and denim jackets, with prices ranging from Rs 16,000 to Rs 99,000. As soon as DyavolX's new collection was launched, fans were left stunned by the massive price and some even started to make memes taking a dig at the product's skyrocketing prices. 


For instance, Killing Smokes hoodie costs Rs 41, 000, Signature X Denim Jacket costs Rs 99,000, Nocturnal Crop Top costs Rs 16,000, Ducktaped Crop top costs Rs 15,000, the Blackout t-shirt costs Rs 21,500.  Interestingly, those thinking that the price of Aryan Khan's new collection's price is too high, in reality they are comparatively lower than those of SRK son's debut collection in 2023, which featured a piece worth Rs 2 lakh. The debut collection saw rapid sales, with many items, including Shah Rukh Khan’s signature hoodie adorned with an ‘X,’ selling out within hours, priced at Rs 2,00,555.



Unveiling Aryan Khan's new collection of his clothing line, Shah Rukh Khan wrote, "X-2. Live now. Get yours only on Limited quantities. Global shipping."

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