The Devil Inside True Story: What happened to 'real-life' Maria Rossi?

Directed & Written by William Brent Bell, The Devil Inside revolves around a woman named Isabella Rossi who goes to Rome to unearth the mystery revolving around her mother Maria Rossi

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The horror-movie genre always enjoys a massive fanbase around the world. The chills and the adrenaline thrills that a perfect horror movie gives are unique as well as different compared to watching any other movie. Talking about horror movies, The Devil Inside is considered a classic for horror movie fans. Although it often receives mixed reviews, fans around the world often try to find out The Devil Inside True Story or The Devil Inside Real Story. Directed & Written by William Brent Bell, The Devil Inside revolves around a woman named Isabella Rossi who goes to Rome to unearth the mystery revolving around her mother Maria Rossi who has been admitted into a mental asylum near the Vatican City. The Devil Inside features Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth, and more in the leading roles. With the movie being made in documentary style, the question arises whether The Devil Inside is a true story or The Devil Inside is a real story or not. Below is what we know about The Devil Inside's True Story- 


Is The Devil Inside a true story?


The answer is yes and no at the same time. If going by the makers, The Devil Inside is a true story based on the life of Maria Rossi who murdered three people- 1 nun and 2 priests during an exorcism in the United States. As shown in the movie, Maria Rossi made a 911 call on October 30th, 1989, and informed the police that she had killed three people in her house. The Police reached the spot and arrested Maria who was later charged with manslaughter. Interestingly, Maria was sent to a mental asylum in Rome near the Vatican despite the centers in the United States. 


Interestingly, the makers of The Devil Inside in the movie time and time again have accused the Vatican of not releasing any information or supporting them. Not only this, the Vatican did not even make information regarding the exorcism of Maria Rossi public and kept it private as the movie suggests. In the end, the makers shared a link for fans to watch Maria Rossi's tapes during her stint in the Roman mental asylum. 


However, when headed to the link, only a portal opens and no information can be seen regarding Maria Rossi. Hence, US media portals have stated that The Devil Inside is a fake documentary made and written by William Brent Bell just for entertainment purposes and to send chills down the spine of the fans by terming it a 'true story'. 


The Devil Inside Plot


Isabella Rossi goes to Rome with Michael who is making a documentary on her and meets the Vatican officials in the exorcism department. A priest talks about her mother and informs her that the case of her mother is not of demonic possession but drugs related incident. However, the next day, Isabella meets her mother Maria in the hospital. While Isabella has not met Maria since her childhood ever since she was arrested, her mother in a different voice points out that she has aborted her child. Shocked by this, Isabella leaves from there and approaches two licensed exorcists. Both the priests showcase to Isabella that they carry out exorcism after the Vatican refuses to help. Although the Vatican refuses to help Maria Rossi, the two priests illegally perform an exorcism on Isabella's mother. During the exorcism, the priests found out that Isabella's mother was possessed by multiple demons- four to be precise. What happens next will certainly send you chills down the spine. 


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