A Rs 5 Indian currency note lying idle in your collection box could pave the way for you to earn 30000.  For that you will need to ensure that the 5 rupee note is issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and matches certain criteria. You could earn Rs 30,000 by selling it online.

This particular deal is available on coinbazzar.com. 

However, these are the conditions that your will need to check on the currency note that you possess before you can earn Rs 30,000.

How to sell old Rs 5 note on coinbazzar.com
Step 1: Visit the official website coinbazzar.com
Step 2: Register yourself as a seller.
Step 3: Click the picture of your note and upload it on the platform. Your advertisement for selling the note will be featured on the platform
Step 4: Interested people will contact you after seeing your ad. You can talk to them and sell the note.
On the Coinbazzar platform, persons having an old note of 1 rupee can sell the note and earn up to Rs 45,000. However, the note should be signed by then Governor HM Patel in the year 1957 and the serial number of this note should be 123456.
On the platform, the price of the old Re 1 bundle is Rs 49,999. The price has been at Rs 44,999 after the discount offered by Coinbazzar.
26 years ago, the Indian government had stopped the One rupee currency notes. Its printing started again on 1 January 2015 and this note came into circulation in the market. 

However, many people still have old notes which they can sell on the website.'

The note should have a tractor picture on it.

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