Drugs, cash and other valuables worth Rs 243.95 crore seized since enforcement of code in Punjab: CEO Sibin C

CEO underscores the crucial role of enforcement agencies in upholding the Model Code of Conduct during polls

Lok Sabha Election 2024, Punjab, Lok Sabha elections 2024 | Drugs, cash and other valuables worth Rs 243.95 crore seized since enforcement of code in Punjab: CEO Sibin C- True Scoop

In order to curb unfair activities and ensure fair and transparent elections in Punjab, enforcement agencies have seized drugs, liquor, unaccounted-for cash, and freebies worth Rs 243.95 crore in the past month since the model code of conduct for the Lok Sabha elections came into force on March 16.

Providing further information, Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sibin C said that tight security arrangements have been made to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner in Punjab. The highest amount of cash, liquor/narcotics, and other items worth Rs 158.76 crore have been seized by the Punjab Police from March 16 to April 17, 2024.

He further said that since March 16, the Punjab Police have seized cash worth Rs 2.49 crore, liquor worth Rs 7.06 crore, drugs worth Rs 148.21 crore, valuables worth Rs 25.6 lakh, and other items worth Rs 74.2 lakh. Similarly, the state excise department seized liquor worth Rs 6.77 crore and drugs worth Rs 2 lakh, while the BSF seized drugs and narcotics worth Rs 19.66 crore, valuables worth Rs 40 lakh, and cash worth Rs 36 lakh.

Apart from this, drugs worth Rs 45.92 crore, cash worth Rs 3.15 crore, valuables worth Rs 8.84 crore, and other valuables worth Rs 6 lakh have been seized by various agencies. This brings the total tally of seizures to Rs 243.95 crore.

He said that, according to data recently released by the ECI, Punjab was ranked fifth in the country in terms of seizures. According to figures, Rs. 311 crore has been seized in Punjab from March 1, 2024, to April 15, 2024.

Sibin C said that in order to check the illegal smuggling of drugs, liquor, cash, and other goods, inter-state checkpoints are being monitored round the clock with 48 hi-tech CCTV cameras. In all the 117 assembly constituencies of the state, flying squad teams are monitoring 351 vehicles equipped with hi-tech CCTV cameras (3 vehicles for each assembly constituency), and they are being monitored at all times through the district, with live feed being monitored 24/7 in the control room.

Sibin C said said that to ensure the smooth conduct of the election process, administrative and police officials of the state have been directed to strictly implement the Model Code of Conduct. Further strengthening of inter-state coordination and increased vigilance by the BSF and other concerned agencies in the border districts aim to check the flow of arms and narcotics from across the border.

The Chief Electoral Officer stressed that, as per the directions of the Election Commission of India, the entire staff is committed to conducting the elections in a fair and peaceful manner in the state.