This World Earth Day let the date not be a hollow parroting of the propaganda to save our only one planet. Hypocrisy does not do anyone good – neither the planet nor our minds. So, proceed only if you actually want to see our mother planet get better – get restored. If you join me, I will ask the tiniest of change and in return we will leave a more habitable environment for our progeny.


Only one planet

In case it was not obvious already, we all have one planet to live on. Yes, the endeavours to settle on other planets are commendable and must be pursued, but still how we do one thing is how we do everything.

So what is the guarantee that the next planet a colony of humans land will not be turned into the same disaster that we have achieved here.

No matter how many neighbourhoods or cities or nations we relocate to, we are still the same, and so will be our experiences and the results.

Human nature

Deception is inherent in all life. Species after species utilise deceit to attain their life goals. The same is the case with humans, but with differences that have so far-reaching consequences that the entire planet may become uninhabitable due to these.

The first devil we are to deal with is the nature’s propensity to choose the path of least resistance. Thus, businesses appeal to our instincts in a way that make it irresistible to not buy their products or services and continue the slow and possibly irrevocable damage to the planet.

To elaborate, each one of us will nod mechanically that we ought to avoid single-use or disposable plastic but then not think twice about using it if it is convenient.

Why? Because the path of least resistance

And businesses know how to extract cash from you by making you addicted to their (often dysfunctional) products or services.

Everyone is in it

The powers that be are all in connivance. Those who purport to save and watch guard the environment are the ones who are hand in glove with the exploiters.

You and I are ineffective in taking on these corporations, government agencies, and social narratives head-on.

So what’s the way out?

Before that ask the question, do you want to contribute or do you want to exploit?

If you want to exploit, then there is nothing to do, but your grandchildren will be eating toxic chemicals-laden food, breathing noxious air, and drinking poisoned water. Still, nothing on you.

If you want to contribute in the management of the planet, the only effective way is to watch where you spend your money.

Yes, now we are ready for our single-point toolkit:

Meat industry is the number one cause of all what is ailing the planet Earth. Now, if you love eating non-vegetarian food, then by all means, continue.

But if you are on the fence regarding meat consumption, then explore documentary Cowspiracy : The sustainability Secret and Seaspiracy on Netflix.

Bonus: Health advantages for you which the social narrative controlled by the industry denies, see What the Health on Netflix.

Do not eat meat in any form – chicken, mutton, fish, etc. This is the single-most potent action an individual can take.


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