Earth day is celebrated on April 22 annually and is observed to create awareness among humankind about the critical condition of the earth’s environment and encourage everyone to work together to help the earth heal.

The first Earth Day was marked on April 22, 1970, when 10% of then US population took to the streets to protest against the negligence of the environment. Since then, the day is celebrated annually and highlights environmental issues.

With each passing year, the earth is changing and this change is not for the best. Huge glaciers are turning into water and blue skies into grey due to air pollution.

Not to mention, the global pandemic has affected lives on earth more than ever. The environment of earth is suffering from global warming, ozone depletion, various pollutions and due to these human kinds is suffering too. The global pandemic of coronavirus has made humankind crawl on its feet.

This Earth Day, it's high time to start thinking about the earth and the environment and take some measures to improve this critical condition. Earth Day 2021, will be the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day and the theme is ‘Restore Our Earth.” Healthy earth will lead to healthy lives. Restoring the earth is not an option or desire but a necessity.

Here are a few measures by which you can restore the earth and live freely in the fresh air.

Plant trees- Planting a tree is planting hope. Trees are our lifeline to cleaner air and a healthier environment thus we need trees now, more than ever.

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Trees are the basic need without which no life on earth is possible. There are innumerable benefits of planting trees like they provide quality air and produce oxygen. Trees provide us with raw materials for food, home, and manufacturing, etc.

Clean Surroundings- Picking up trash from your surroundings and roadside areas alone will help the earth in healing. The land pollution caused by non-biodegradable substances affects the environment as well as living organisms that consume these substances. Do a favor on yourself, keep your surroundings trash-free.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- The three Rs to sustainable living. The mantra simply describes three techniques- reduce the waste, reuse things you can and recycle non-degradable products like plastic.

Less Pollution- It is easy to say but difficult to implement. Use public transportation which will cause less air pollution. Don’t throw garbage on the roadside or in water bodies causing less land and water pollution. Don’t use speakers, reduce noise pollution.

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