Explained: Congress down to 4-1 in 5 assemblies, An End of Congress? Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi tried, tested & failed

In Assembly Election 2022 out of 5 assemblies, Congress is on the verge of losing the 4 assemblies as the current trends show.

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The downfall is here! The oldest national party in India, Congress, is currently facing the biggest and worst outcome in the history of their national election. In Assembly Election 2022 out of 5 assemblies, Congress is on the verge of losing the 4 assemblies as the current trends shows.

Current Trends: Congress seats in Assemblies

In UP - 03 / 403 (seats) 
In Punjab - 18 / 117 (seats) 
In Goa - 12 / 40 (seats) 
In Uttarakhand - 22 / 70 (seats) 
In Manipur - 07/ 60

According to Congress, the case of Punjab-Uttarakhand is different from the rest of the states - and if Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will also face the responsibility of defeat and victory, then the UP Election (UP Election 2022) would have nothing to do with the results.

Between exit polls and election results, another important piece of news is coming from Congress. AK Antony is going to retire from active politics - meaning, this time in Congress, Antony's committee will not be able to review the defeat.

Mostly it has been seen that after the defeat of the Congress, a committee has been formed.  Most Congress defeats under Antony's leadership have been reviewed - and the script for the outcome of the review has remained the same.  Taking collective responsibility for the defeat every time, the Gandhi family is declared innocent, but now it is not going to happen.

The internal 'play' that happened inside the Congress in Punjab was rarely seen during Sonia Gandhi's time. The Congress-led UPA has also run the government for 10 years under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, who was the Congress President for the longest time - now there would have been an 'Accidental Prime Minister' in that government or many scams came to the fore in the last innings.  Could be a topic.

Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka Gandhi destroy Congress? 

This brother-sister leadership has also not shown the same everywhere. It may be that the decisions taken in Uttarakhand, like Punjab, were behind the collective decisions of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra - but in the UP elections, it seemed as if Rahul Gandhi's  Only the ritual of name is being done.  

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet touts Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's decision to give tickets to 40 per cent of women candidates in UP - and Priyanka Gandhi says 'Koi our face dekhti hai... mere siva' what is it called after all?

Punjab is the only hope 
It cannot be said that it was not the right decision of the Congress leadership to resign from Captain Amarinder Singh - but that matter could have been handled well and even once there was a mistake, there were opportunities to improve it step by step. Therefore, it can be said that even later there was no attempt to make the right decisions.

The newly emerged brother-sister leadership in Congress has increased the struggle to remain relevant in the opposition.

It is the case of Punjab itself that a new pair of leaders emerged in the Congress in the form of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. It should have been so.  The Congress also needed it a lot - but the leadership has to make decisions with the mind, not at all with the heart.  The decisions of the new leadership show that instead of the mind, the heart dominated most of the decisions.

From beginning to end, Navjot Singh Sidhu remained at the centre of every decision of Congress leadership. On paying attention, it is known that the leadership of brother-sister at first obeyed Sidhu, but in the end, changed the strategy - and Sidhu had only one mission, Gandhi family did not make Chief Minister or CM face, leaving everything behind.  Sitting at home

The resignation took from Captain:

Congress leadership and BJP leadership were facing the same problem at the same time.  Both were upset with their respective Chief Ministers, but both tried to solve the whole matter in different ways.

Not every decision needs to be according to the leadership, but every decision must be politically correct. This was the big difference between the decision of the Congress leadership in the case of Captain Amarinder Singh and the decision of the BJP leadership in the case of Yogi Adityanath.

 And if you leave out UP, then it happened in Gujarat and Uttarakhand also. Like Congress changed Chief Minister in Punjab, BJP changed Gujarat and even repeated it in Uttarakhand.  The Gandhi family copied the BJP, but could not reach the end.

Despite Yogi Adityanath's defiance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's orders, Amit Shah stood with all his might on the toughest front in the fray - and in a BJP bastion like Banaras, when things seemed to go awry, certain legislatures were needed.  Prime Minister Modi himself stood on the front through roadshows and such interactive programs.

In the current situation, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi are not even in such a position to win elections like Modi - and the leaders on whom the Congress leadership had left the responsibility of victory were not as capable.

 It also does not seem that any major loss has been done by the Captain leaving the Congress and joining hands with the BJP, but, surely, the Captain's return to power in Punjab could have been ensured while he was in the Congress - however, all this is yet to be exited.  The same can be said according to the estimates of the poll.  The final will be the election results.

Sidhu was convinced till the end that Rahul Gandhi would not declare anyone other than him as the chief ministerial face of Punjab.  Before the rally in which this announcement was to be made, there was an argument with Rahul Gandhi in the hotel for two hours on this matter.  Rahul Gandhi tried to convince both Channi and Sidhu from his side.  Rahul Gandhi had no reason not to make Channi the chief minister's face. There was no option left.

 As soon as Rahul Gandhi announced the name of Charanjit Singh Channi, Sidhu got up from the seat and expressed his support by raising Channi's hand, but it was a demonstration from above.  After that Sidhu sat down at home.  Did reach Priyanka Gandhi's rally but refused to even give a speech.

Uttarakhand also slips from hand

Uttarakhand also lost in the affair of Punjab: If Harish Rawat had to handle the Uttarakhand elections, then what was the need to keep him implicated for a long time by making him in charge of Punjab?

 Had Harish Rawat been given time in Uttarakhand instead of resolving the disputes in Punjab, the situation could have been different. Just like in Punjab the confusion over the chief minister's face was maintained till the end, in the case of Uttarakhand, Rahul Gandhi did the same.

 From the very beginning, Harish Rawat was explaining that the fight in Uttarakhand should be kept regional. The entry of the Modi factor should be stopped at all costs - Efforts should be made that the battle of the state should be Pushkar Singh Dhami vs Harish Rawat, not Prime Minister Modi vs Congress i.e. Rahul Gandhi.

Not even in Opposition

Before the results of the assembly elections in five states, Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of his parliamentary constituency Wayanad. By the way, at present, he has also visited his old constituency Amethi twice. Once on the pretext of giving omissions and omissions before the elections and secondly asking for votes for Congress candidates.

 As far as the election results of five states are concerned, the matter of Goa and Manipur had slipped from the hands of Congress only five years ago.  In Goa and Manipur, the Congress remained clamorous after the election results, as it did in Haryana after the BJP lost its majority in 2019. Dushyant Chautala could have formed the government even with Congress. For example, in UP, Jayant Chaudhary stood by Akhilesh Yadav despite repeated praise from the BJP leadership.