It is important to link the Universal Account Number (UAN) with the Aadhaar card by November 30, 2021. For those who have not linked your UAN number with your Aadhar card yet, then it is advised to do it as soon as possible. 

So, citizens are advised to link their UAN number to Aadhaar card by November 30, failing to which people may face many problems like money deposits and transactions that may experience hindrance. 

If EPFO is not linked to your Aadhaar number by 30 November, then money transfers into your account will be stopped. 

Apart from this, people may also experience trouble withdrawing money from the EPF account. If the account of the EPF account holder is not linked with Aadhaar, then they will not be able to use the services of EPFO.

Step by step process to link EPFO to Aadhaar number:

  •  Visit the EPFO ​​portal 

  •  Log in to your account using UAN and Password

  •  Click on the KYC option in the "Manage" section.

  •  On the page that opens, you can see several documents to be linked with your EPF account.

  •  Select the Aadhar option and click on save by typing your Aadhar number and your name on the Aadhar card.

  •  The information provided by you will be secured and your Aadhaar will be verified with the data of UIDAI

Once your KYC documents are correct, your Aadhaar will be linked with your EPF account and you will get “Verify” written in front of your Aadhaar details
Under the EPFO ​​Act, 12% of the basic salary plus DA of the employee goes into the EPF account, thus, both the employee and the employer are supposed to put in the EPF account. At the same time, the employer (company) also contributes 12% of the basic salary plus DA of the employee. Out of the 12% contribution of the company, 3.67% goes to the PF account of the employee and the remaining 8.33% goes to the employee pension scheme. The EPF account of the employee gets an 8.50% interest annually.

What is a UAN Number?

As soon as the employee is registered with the Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), the employee becomes a member of this organization and along with it, he is also issued a 12 digit UAN (Universal Account Number). 

With the help of this number, the facilities of EPFO ​​can be used online. With the help of a UAN number, an employee can not only see his PF account passbook online, but he can also check his PF (Provident Fund) balance online as well. 

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