Ollywood film industry went into shock after National award-winning Odia actress Prakruti Mishra was thrashed and harassed by her co-actor Babushaan's wife on Saturday at a busy Bhubaneshwar street. Prakruti Mishra and Babushaan aka Tanmay Mohanty were caught red-handed spending time together in a car when 'Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega' actor's wife Trupti caught them red-handed. Now, Babushaan's former co-actor Supriya Nayak has responded to the ongoing Prakruti Mishra assault viral video row. 

Speaking exclusively to True Scoop News, Odia actress Supriya Nayak who debuted alongside Babushaan in the movie 'Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega' stood firmly against extra-marital affairs. Although Supriya Nayak clearly stated that violence is not the answer to any problem, she also stated that she does not encourage infidelity. Moreover, the 'Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega' actress came in support of Trupti saying that a wife has all the right to go to any lengths to save her family. 

"Both Babushaan and Prakruti are good friends of mine separately. What has happened is very unfortunate. I do not encourage any kind of violence or infidelity in any relationship. What happened was due for a long time. I’m not aware of the personal matter of any side but all I can say is no one should get between a husband and wife. A wife has all the right to go to lengths to save her family and from what I have seen in interviews Babu’s wife was patient for 3 years, there’s a limit to everything. Right?," said Odia actress Supriya Nayak on the Prakruti Mishra Babushaan wife controversy. 

Prakruti Mishra Babushaan wife assault case

On Saturday, a video started doing rounds showing Odia actress Prakruti Mishra getting harassed and beaten up inside a car by her co-actor Babushaan's wife Trupti. After assaulting Prakruti, Trupti went to Kharvel Nagar Police station and lodged a complaint saying, "Our marital life was peaceful until Prukruti Mishra, daughter of Manmath Mishra, came into our life and treated disturbances." Trupti in her complaint alleged that Prakruti established a relationship with her husband Babushaan in order to boost her career which was going downwards due to the lockdown. Furthermore, she caused Prakruti that she supplied alcohol and ganja (Weed) to Babushaan. 

However, on the other hand, Prakruti denied being in any kind of relationship with Babushaan. Prakruti stated that she and Babushaan are only friends and they were on their way to catch a flight to Chennai for the announcement of their new upcoming movie. Babushaan in a video statement also denied any relationship with Prakruti Mishra. In fact, Babushaan stated that he will not work with Prakruti Mishra or even other actresses if required. 

As of now, the Odisha Police is probing the matter. 

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