Ex-CM Channi reaches State Vigilance Department: 60-70 questions will be asked

'I am being harassed by the government, there is a threat on my life but i'm prepared' says Ex-CM Channi

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Ex-CM Channi of the congress party has found himself in hot water recently. He has arrived at the State Vigilance Department to answer 60-70 questions, regarding his personal and professional dealings. Chief among them, will be questions about his finances, with a focus on the 2017 recovery of 10 crore rupees from his nephew. Channi also called a press conference prior to answering the summons. In his speech, he spoke of how the incumbent government is attempting to trouble and harass him. He also stated that his life in under threat and the government is trying its level best to arrest him on trumped up charges. According to his statement, he is prepared for any eventuality and is not willing to back down under their pressure.

The Vigilance department has stated, with confidence, that they have evidence against Channi that highlight irregularities. Something that could have legal ramifications for the Ex-CM. Sources have also stated that the Vigilance department has been investigating Channi for months and that a special team has been tasked for it. Whether Ex-CM Channi can come out of this predicament unscathed, is yet to be seen.

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