Fear of failure in the medical entrance exam pushed a 19-year old teen to take his life hours before his third attempt at the NEET exam. After the demise of teen, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin announced that the Tamil Nadu government would introduce the exemption bill in the state assembly for National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Exam (NEET), today (September 13, 2021). NEET 2021, was conducted on September 12. 

This information was shared by the Chief Minister on Twitter on Sunday, and wrote, “Another death on the altar of Need! Let education qualify; Let the injustice of education end only if you qualify! Tomorrow we will bring the NEET Permanent Exemption Bill; #NEET Let us take the issue of the Indian subcontinent.”  

MK Stalin said that NEET is a major issue of the country and his government would bring a bill seeking an exemption in the state. 

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He further said that students must not lose their hearts and should not take such an extreme step. 

What is the TN government’s plan?

With the bill, the government will exempt the students of its state from the centralized exam and would find an alternative entry gateway for medical aspirants. As per the government, NEET would not be the only gateway to get the admission of the student in medical colleges, this will ensure social justice and will protect candidates from being discriminated.

The alternative way is yet to be finalized by the DMK government. 

Earlier, the Tamil Nadu government has set up a committee to study the impact of the entrance exams (especially NEET). According to the report by the committee, students who get admission in the medical college on the basis of class 12th perform better as compare to the student admitted on the basis of NEET score. 

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What is an exemption in the exam?

The word exempt literally means “to free or release.” In an examination, exemption means that you are exempt from re-taking the modules you have passed, but you must re-take all failed modules at a supplemental or in a repeat year. 

For example, if you have passed in 7 modules, but failed in 3 then your overall result would be “Exempt 7.”

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