Keeping tourist’s security in mind, about 194 crocodiles have been relocated from a lake near the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. The 182 meters tall Sardar Patel memorial stands in the Narmada district of the state near Panchmuli lake.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s statue in Kevadia is a major tourist attraction. But, the Panchmuli lake near the statue had a large number of crocodiles that pose a significant threat to the visitors, the official said on Sunday.

According to Kevadia Range Forest Officer Vikramsing Gabhania, “In 2019-20 (October-march), 143 crocodiles have been relocated. In 2020-21, another 51 crocodiles were shifted to two rescue centers in Gandhinagar and Godhra.” However, the lake still has a high number of crocodiles.

The Panchmuli lake also called the Sardar Sarovar Dam’s “Dyke-3” was built for tourists and thus the authorities have decided to relocate the crocodiles in the lake to prevent any danger to them.

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Where are the crocodiles relocated to?

Over 73 crocodiles rescued between 2019-20 were released in the Sardar Sarovar reservoir. Later, rest recovered from the lake were relocated to rescue centers in Godhra, Panchmahal district and Gandhinagar.

"To catch the crocodiles, 60 cages are set around the lake. The part of the lake where seaplanes land (flying between Ahmedabad and Kevadia) is entirely safe " stated an official.

Boat riding at Panchmuli lake

The lake is surrounded by lush green forest, and rich in flora and fauna.

In 2019, the Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation Ltd (GSFDC) began boat riding in the lake as a part of the eco-tourism activity in the region surrounding the Statue of Unity.

According to a Statue of Unity authority official, the boat ride is a key tourist attraction in the area and sees a high volume of visitors, particularly on weekends.

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