The rising religious divide is significantly seen in multiple spheres of society in contemporary India with social media and precisely Twitter becoming a hotbed for the representation of the people’s hostility over other communities.

One such brawl recently has taken over center stage on Twitter as right ahead of Diwali the call for boycotting Halal intensifies which is trending at present with thousands of users joining the chorus.

Posts being made by Twitteratis with #Halal_Free_Diwali present shades of emotions over their discontent with Halal-based products with an appeal to Hindus to follow the suit. The movement led by a right-wing group, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, and with the presence of @HinduJagrutiOrg calls for boycotting Halal products with a claim that leads to Economic Jihad.

The trend has been tweeted by over 32,000 times with shades of claims and bashing MNCs like Domino’s and KFCs among others with claims of Halal products forced over Hindus, besides calling for the boycott of food delivery brands like Swiggy and Zomato for endorsing.

The idea as reflected through this boycott based on a few tweets made that project Halal products as a conspiracy for creating a Halal Economy with pictures attached that call to refrain from Meat, Foods & Beverages, Cosmetics, Medicines, and Clothes.

The main thrust of this trend lies over the concern as flagged by several tweets over 100% Halal certification products by MNCs mentioned which are imposing them on Hindus in the country.

A user with @VinayBhat15 on Twitter goes on to make a bizarre claim through his tweet that, “Halal is no longer limited to meat, but everything a Muslim can adopt according to Sharia law is ‘halal’! A Hindu woman who had opened a ‘non-Halal ‘restaurant in Kerala was attacked and injured by fanatics recently. Stop Islamization by #Halal_Free_Diwali.”

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Pertinently right ahead of Diwali these tweets are being done with an intention of igniting the religious sentiments of Hindus in order to maximize the impact of their boycott trend and encourage people of making festival marketing from Hindu Shopkeepers which has been seen in a similar move earlier as well.

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