Fact Check: Is Government providing Phase IV Covid relief fund?

A WhatsApp forward has gone viral claiming that the Central government is providing Phase 4 Covid19 relief fund to the people.

A viral message has surfaced on WhatsApp and is being forwarded many times. The message claims that the Central government is providing Phase 4 Covid19 relief fund to the people of the country. However, this viral message is fake.

Press Information Bureau (PIB) on Friday has notified people saying the WhatsApp forward is fake and people should not believe in such messages.

The fake message is going around at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic is at its peak in the country. The message is titled ‘Government support for Covid-19’. It urges people to apply for the fund online on a website name cutt.ly.

The fake message reads, “Apply for the government Phase 4 Covid-19 relief fund grant provided by the government. Hurry now, it takes just a few seconds to apply. Don’t miss this opportunity”. Further, the message urges people to click on the provided link in order to avail the benefits.

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Alarming people about such fraudulent forwards, PIB Fact Check tweeted, “This WhatsApp forward claiming that the Central Government is providing Phase 4 Covid-19 Relief Fund is #FAKE! Do not believe such forward messages and never disclose any personal information on these fraudulent websites.”

Amid the time of coronavirus, many online scams in the name of Covid relief or vaccine availability are going viral. Earlier, a text message had gone viral that provided a link to the registration of the Covid19 vaccine. On clicking the link user's personal data is being hacked.

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