Famous liquor contractor beaten by own associates in Jalandhar; CCTC video goes viral

Violent clash erupts over alleged smuggling of liquor into local hotel

Jalandhar-Assault Liquor-Contractor-Attack Hotel-Clash

In a shocking incident in Jalandhar, the renowned liquor contractor found himself at the receiving end of a brutal assault, orchestrated by his own associates.

The Clash unfolds

The incident unfolded at a hotel in Jalandhar, where reports of alcohol being smuggled from outside had raised suspicions. The liquor contractor, in an attempt to verify the claims, dispatched his associates to the hotel. What followed was a heated confrontation that escalated into a violent clash.

Incriminating evidence

The associates, via phone communication, had informed the liquor contractor that there was no wrongdoing at the hotel. However, upon arriving at the scene, the liquor contractor discovered concrete evidence suggesting the presence of smuggled liquor. This discovery ignited a heated argument between him and his associates.

The violent turn

As tensions flared, the dispute spiraled out of control, resulting in a physical altercation. Shocking footage captured the liquor contractor, dressed in a yellow T-shirt, being subjected to a vicious assault by his associates. The video is expected to be made public soon.

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Here's the viral CCTV video:

Legal action taken

Following the violent altercation, legal action has been initiated against the individuals involved in the assault. Law enforcement authorities have registered a case against them, and an investigation is underway.


The incident has sent shockwaves through Jalandhar and raised questions about the extent of the liquor smuggling issue in the region. As the investigation proceeds, more details are expected to surface, shedding light on the motives behind this violent clash.