No entry in Nicker & Capri: Jalandhar's Divisional Police Station enforces dress code to keep women comfortable

No entry for shorts and ripped clothes: Jalandhar's Divisional Police station dress code policy

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Jalandhar's Divisional Police Station has stirred controversy by implementing a strict dress code policy. The notice prominently displayed outside prohibits entry for individuals wearing short or ripped clothes such as, tattered jeans, Nicker and Capri, regardless of gender.

This decision has raised concerns and sparked debates within the community.

The dress code debate

The enforcement of the dress code has become a hot topic of discussion in Jalandhar. While proponents argue that it maintains decorum and respect within the premises, critics believe it infringes upon personal freedom and may discriminate against those who cannot afford new clothing.

Preserving tradition: Depty Officer Narayan Gaur's perspective

Depty Officer Narayan Gaur shed light on the situation, emphasizing the long-standing nature of this rule at our station.

Maintaining decorum: The reason behind the notice

Gaur explained that this rule has been in place because women also frequent the station and female staff members are present. The notice is intended to uphold decorum and respect on the premises.

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A polite request for compliance

In cases where individuals arrive wearing inappropriate attire, they are kindly requested to return home, change into suitable clothing, and then enter the station premises.

Community response

The controversy has prompted a mixed response from the community. Some residents support the dress code as a way to maintain the station's image, while others call for a more flexible approach, taking into account the diversity of the local population.

Seeking clarity

Amidst the debate, many individuals have sought clarification regarding the specifics of "inappropriate attire." They argue that clear guidelines are essential to prevent misunderstandings and disputes.


The dress code controversy at Jalandhar's Divisional Police Station continues to be a topic of discussion, reflecting the delicate balance between tradition and modernity, respect, and personal freedom.