Many farmers have really small landholdings and one of them is Vimalaben Dabhi, who belongs to Gujrat’s Bhavnagar district. As a matter of astonishment, the family along with her, live on the 1-acre land, they earn throw rearing livestock, growing vegetables, lime, and bajra.

The lady said, “We own 5 cows and buffaloes and are managing our financial needs through farming and tending our animals.”

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She spends more than an hour collecting sticks which she uses to cook in the kitchen, the smoke used to hurt her eyes, and it used to be really time-consuming to cook a meal. But then she came aware of the advantages of installing biogas through a meeting at Uttahan, which is an Ahmadabad-based NGO, after which she thought of building a biogas plant on her own.

She invested INR 10,000 and received Rs 24,500 from Utthan and they helped her in building a 2 cubic meter biogas plant on her field. On installing the biogas unit, she used to receive 30 kg slurry, which she used to utilize in feeding the plants, which helped in increasing the amount of vegetation.

Not only this, another benefit of the bio plant was that her firewood collection was decreased, saving her a lot of time. She reduced her expenditure and her time, instead of using LPG cylinders which would cost Rs 4,900 yearly for 7 cylinders. She wasn’t afraid to escape from her comfort zone and so she was able to try something new which turned out to be really beneficial.

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