It is rightly said that if you want to judge a human’s heart, see how they treat animals. We can say that Mr. Mayank Bali, Mrs. Harpreet Bali, and Mrs. Sukh Dhillon surely have the heart of gold as they rescue more than 500 animals every year. 

Jeev Welfare Trust, a non-profit organization was founded by three people— Mr. Mayank Bali, Mrs. Harpreet Bali, and Mrs. Sukh Dhillon. They all had one thing in common i.e. their love for animals. In 2018, they started rescuing animals who were paralyzed and injured and provided them with shelter in their own home.

They have now made a small animal rehabilitation center in Dasuya, Punjab and their mission is to help paralyzed and blind animals. It is a place where animals that are critically sick, injured, and in need of urgent medical aid and attention, are rescued and treated. They are home to 90 injured animals including 13 permanently disabled dogs, 4 permanently disabled cats, many handicapped cows, Birds, and two Blind Horses.

The main aspect on which light should be thrown is that they raise money for their expenses only through funds and donations. They prove that when you are working for the welfare you never fall short of money.

The Jeev Welfare Trust has also won many awards for the work they have been doing. They have been felicitated with the award of 'Life for a Cause' which was presented by the CT Group of Institutions. Mrs. Harpreet Bali and Mrs. Sukh Dhillon were honoured with an award on Women's Day for the work they have been doing. They have also been a part of Social Summit 2020 at Lovely Professional University.

The trust also carries out different drives every now and then such as vaccination drives for stray dogs, anti-rabies vaccine drives, grooming drives, etc.

While summing up, they said that their main aim in life is to foster each and every animal whosoever needs attention and care. True Scoop salutes their selfless way of life and appreciates their tenderness towards animals.

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