A 59-year-old kidney transplant recipient, Marty Verel who resides in Ohio, who should have been at the top of the list to receive the COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t lucky enough to receive an appointment just like millions of others. Marty and his wife, Nancy used to sit with the laptop trying to schedule appointments from different sites and find one. However, used to feel hopeless as all of the websites were slow.

Then she came to know about a 40-year-old mom of three children, Marla Zwinggi from a Cleveland suburb who used to provide appointments spending 10 hours per day online for vulnerable individuals. So Nancy contacted her through Facebook and sought help and just after 20 minutes, Zwinggi replied asking for the details which were required for the vaccination appointments. Marty wanted to get a vaccination appointment.

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On February 1, Marla came to know that her parents, whose father had Leukaemia and her mother had breast cancer were suffering to schedule an appointment, on the same day when she started to hunt for a vaccine appointment. In the search for vaccines, clicking on different sites to find a vaccination appointment. Zwinggi realized that it was so hard to receive a vaccination appointment and said, “It was like trying to get a World Series ticket.”

She used some strategies like opening multiple browsing sites, refreshing the sites within 20 seconds, and then erasing all the cookies and added a few of her special skills in use like the fast pace of typing and drinking a lot of coffee into use. Soon after some time she was able to schedule an appointment for her parents and felt like a rockstar. Considering how difficult it is to get an appointment she decided to help others which she thought was her way to give back.

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“I feel like I need to will us out of this pandemic,” she told. On February 10, she logged on to Facebook to start her process and made people know that she assists vaccination booking appointments. On March 2, she had already secured the appointments for 400 people, which made nancy conclude Marla as a sort of Covid angel.

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