#FirstStoryPositive. Story of three youngsters who brought an end to the spitting problem in India

EzySpit is a handy spittoon that can fit in your pocket and used in cars and even offices by paan and tobacco consumers.

You’ll find a red spit stain probably on every wall in India. This must have felt disgusting to you! Well, Ritu already found a solution for all of us. Ritu Malhotra along with her fellow partners Prateek Malhotra and Pratik Harde; three computer engineers by profession saw a vision to bring a change in the society. Unlike others they gave their vision life and did not wait for that change to happen, they became the change. In Ritu’s words, “I am not among those who wait for change. I believe in adding my contribution to be the change!” This pack of three tackled the spitting problem of our country by creating ‘EzySpit’

About EzySpit:

Founded in 2019, EzySpit is a handy spittoon that can fit in your pocket and used in cars and even offices by paan and tobacco consumers. The technology they provide converts the spit into biodegradable waste in semi-solid form. It is odourless, tamper proof and spill-proof with the facility to absorb multiple spits. These spittoons are a great way to control spit pollution and especially in COVID times. Their products are available in different sizes; pocket pouches to reuse 15 times, mobile containers which can be used 30 times and spit bins for over 5000 times. It has the capability to freeze the liquid along with virus and bacteria in the spit. An EzySpit container costs Rs 10, the pouch costs Rs 5 and the big bin costs Rs 50. The prices are very economical and these products are easily available in retail shops.


How it was born:

Narrating about the idea behind this creation Ritu said, “While moving in public places like roads, parks, community centres and local buildings I saw that every second person was spitting, while walking I always felt disgusted. In every corner of India, you will find such people. It was that moment when I decided to create an invention that will eradicate the whole problem. Therefore, with the help of my other two friends, I worked on this idea”. She wanted a permanent solution that can be easily made available to grassroots. Ritu’s whole idea revolves around converting the waste and adding greenery to the planet.

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They launched a campaign song #ThukMat which was applauded nationally and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the effort with a message ‘great song, great message and most importantly great efforts’. EzySpit is not just something you buy from local vendors, they have tie-ups with Indian Railways and are also available online on amazon.

Talking about the whole idea Ritu quoted few words, “I have dared to dream big with an open eye because I have believed that anything that can surpass your imagination is real.”

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