It is rightly said that empowering women is key to building the future we want. Mr. Parameshwari Dass, Ms. Manpreet Chawla, and Dr. Megha are building the brightest future for our country as they strive to provide rights and empowerment to every woman in society. 

Women Helpers Organization was started by Mr. Parameshwari Dass, Ms. Manpreet Chawla who is also an advocate by profession, and Dr. Megha in the year 2021. The main aim of this NGO is to make India Rape free. 

The members of this NGO have worked hard and have provided help to every woman in need. Even during COVID they did not sit back, they provided telephonic consultation to the women with gynecologists and dieticians. Not only this, but they also helped in providing beds to people in need when the pandemic was at its peak in our country. 

Ms. Manpreet Chawla truly has a heart of gold as she has provided free legal aid to more than 400 hundred women. She takes cases of women who can’t afford the fees of lawyers and fight their cases free of cost. 

The NGO also conducts campaigns, workshops, and seminars at different institutions and organizations to make women aware of their rights. They truly believe in empowering women as they provide them with different jobs which will help them to become financially independent. 

This organization has not confined itself to only empowering women, they also aim to educate the young minds of the country, and for the same, they go to different slums and provide education as well as books to the children free of cost. 

TrueScoop believes that we need more such selfless people in society who have dedicated their lives for the benefit of others.

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