‘Free cremation for Covid-19 patients’, appeals Sonu Sood

Working for the cause, Sonu has made a request to the Indian government on Saturday.

Since last year Sonu Sood has been working endlessly to help the people in need during the time of the pandemic. In the year 2020, he was arranging vehicles for the migrant workers to send them back home safely. In the second wave of coronavirus, he is again on roads to help people. From supplying ventilator beds and oxygen to giving medicines and supplying food Sonu has gone to different lengths to help people. The fire lighted by Sonu is now followed by many other Bollywood stars as well.

Working for the cause, Sonu has made a request to the Indian government on Saturday. Appealing to the government for ‘free cremation to those who die due to covid-19’, Sonu recorded a video and shared it on his social media account. Narrating an incident Sood begins the video and said in this fight against covid someone’s struggle starts from home looking for oxygen, he then goes to look for a hospital bed, then a ventilator and the unlucky ones are not able to survive this.

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To ease the final pain of the families while setting their loved one’s soul free the actor appeals to the government and the lawmakers of the country should do something about the ‘free cremation of the covid19 patients’. Stressing on the fact that sometimes people don’t even have the money to cremate their loved ones.

Following Sonu Sood who should now be called the ‘messiah’ Bollywood stars including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Gurmeet Chaudhary are making contributions for the relief funds and are providing oxygen to the needy. 

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