G-20 Advisory: Traffic and Travel Guidelines During the Summit in New Delhi

As the G-20 Summit approaches, scheduled for September 8, 9, and 10, 2023, certain restrictions will be enforced in the New Delhi area.

G-20 Advisory: Traffic and Travel Guidelines During the Summit in New Delhi -

As the G-20 Summit approaches, scheduled for September 8, 9, and 10, 2023, certain restrictions will be enforced in the New Delhi area.

However, emergency services will continue to operate without interruption. Here's what you need to know about commuting via bus, train, airport, and metro during the G-20 Summit, along with important traffic guidelines.

Closure in New Delhi!

The Special CP of Delhi Police has clarified that there will be no lockdown or restrictions in Delhi, except for the New Delhi area where traffic will be affected. It's advisable for those residing in the New Delhi area to avoid unnecessary travel during this period. All advisory information is available on the Delhi Traffic Police website and various Delhi Police platforms.

It's important to note that only the New Delhi area will be affected from September 8 to 10, 2023. During this time, regular traffic will not be allowed in the area, but individuals engaged in emergency services or those heading to hospitals will have the necessary permissions for travel. Let's explore what will remain open and what will be restricted during the G-20 Summit:

New Delhi Area Restrictions:

1. Bus Services:Buses within the New Delhi area will be restricted during the G-20 Summit. Residents are advised to avoid travel within this region.

2. Trains: Train services will operate as usual, but commuters should expect diversion routes if traveling through the New Delhi area. Passengers must possess valid tickets.

3. Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport will operate normally. Travelers heading to the airport should follow diversion routes if required.

4. Metro Services: Metro services will commence from 4 a.m. and operate as usual. However, commuters are advised to check for any updates or diversions on the metro routes.

Areas Outside New Delhi:

For those residing outside the New Delhi area, there are no specific restrictions. Residents in these areas can continue their daily routines without disruption.

Schools, Colleges, and Offices in New Delhi:

As per Delhi government orders, all schools, colleges, and government offices in Delhi will remain closed from September 8 to 10, 2023. This includes both government and private educational institutions. Employees of government and MCD offices will also have off-days, and all offices will remain closed.

Commercial Vehicles, Metro, Flights, Trains, Buses, and Auto-Rickshaws: Open or Restricted?

- Commercial Vehicles: Commercial vehicles will be restricted from the early hours of September 7. However, vehicles carrying essential goods and emergency services will not be affected.

- Metro Services: Metro services will run from 4 a.m. as usual. Commuters are advised to check for updates regarding any diversions on metro routes.

- Flights and Trains: There are no specific restrictions on flights or trains. Travelers are encouraged to follow safety guidelines and arrive at airports and railway stations well in advance of departure.

- Buses and Auto-Rickshaws: DTC buses will operate as usual, but diversions may apply in New Delhi. Auto-rickshaws will also follow regular routes, but travelers should be aware of possible diversions.

Avoiding Restricted Zones:

- Control Zone - I: The entire New Delhi district will be designated as "Control Zone - I" from September 8, 2023, at 5 a.m. until September 10, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Only local residents, authorized vehicles, and emergency services will be allowed access within the boundaries of Ring Road (Mahatma Gandhi Marg).

- Ring Road Closure: Ring Road (Mahatma Gandhi Marg) will be a "Restricted Zone" from September 8, 2023, at 5 a.m. until September 10, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Only vehicles with proper authorization, emergency vehicles, and those traveling to Indira Gandhi Airport or Old Delhi and New Delhi Railway Stations will be permitted beyond this point.

It is essential for residents and travelers to stay updated with the latest traffic advisories and follow all guidelines provided by the authorities during the G-20 Summit period.

Title: Controlled Zone - Part II

In addition to this, the following roads and junctions will be designated as "Controlled Zone - Part II" from midnight on September 10 until 2:00 PM:

W-Point, A-Point, DDU Road, Development Road (Noida Link Road to Pusta Road), Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Delhi Gate, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg (from Rajghat to Guru Nanak Chowk), Chaman Lal Marg (from Guru Nanak Chowk to Turkman Gate), Asaf Ali Road (from Turkman Gate to BSZ Marg), Maharaja Ranjit Singh Marg (from Barakhamba-Tolstoy Crossing to Guru Nanak Chowk), Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Delhi to Kashmiri Gate), IP Flyover, Shanti Van Chowk, Hanuman Setu, ISBT Kashmiri Gate, and Salimgarh Bypass.

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Furthermore, on September 10, 2023, from 05:00 AM to 01:00 PM, the following roads and junctions will also be considered "Controlled Zone - Part II":

- Ajmeri Gate to New Delhi Railway Station

- Old Delhi Railway Station via Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (SPM) Road

- Shanti Van Chowk via Geeta Colony

- ITO via Vikas Marg

- Rajghat Chowk via Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) Marg

- Guru Nanak Chowk via Minto Road

Travelers can use the following routes during this period:

North-South Corridor:

Ring Road, Ashram Chowk, Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi-Meerut Motorway, Noida Link Road, Pusta Road, Yudhishthir Setu, ISBT Kashmiri Gate, Ring Road, and Majnu Ka Tila are the order in which they are mentioned.

The routes that connect them are the Ring Road, Dhaula Kuan, Ring Road, Barar Square, Narayana Flyover, Rajouri Garden Junction, Ring Road, Punjabi Bagh Junction, Ring Road and Ajazpur Chowk.

East-West Corridor:

From Sanjay Dial/DND Flyover - Ring Road - Ashram Chowk - Moolchand Underpass - AIIMS Chowk - Ring Road - Dhaula Kuan - Ring Road - Barar Square - Narayana Flyover.

From Yudhishthir Setu - Ring Road - Chandagi Ram Akhara - Mal Road - Azadpur Chowk - Ring Road - Lala Jagat Narayan Marg.

Regarding Metro Services:

- Metro services will commence at 4:00 AM from all terminal stations from September 8 to September 10, 2023.

- Trains will operate at intervals of 30 minutes on all lines until 6:00 AM and will then follow normal schedule timings.

Metro Stations That Will Remain Closed:

From September 8 to September 10, all metro stations will be accessible to the general public. However, due to security reasons, passengers will not be allowed to board/alight at Supreme Court Metro Station on September 9 and 10, 2023. Security agencies may also regulate entry/exit at some stations in the New Delhi district on September 9 and 10, 2023, to make the representation of VVIP IPs comfortable.

Parking Restrictions at Three Metro Stations:

Except for three metro stations located in the New Delhi district, parking will be available at all metro stations. Parking at Supreme Court, Patel Chowk, and Ramakrishna Ashram Marg will remain closed from 04:00 AM on September 8, 2023, until 12:00 PM on September 11, 2023.

DTC Bus Service for Three Days:

City buses, i.e., DTC buses, will ply on the road network beyond Ring Road and Ring Road towards the borders of Delhi. These buses will be allowed to leave Delhi. However, city bus services will not be available in the New Delhi district.

Inter-State Buses:

Inter-state buses coming from outside Delhi will have no restrictions on entering Delhi. However, they will have to follow diversion routes similar to those of Delhi residents. Entry into Delhi for inter-state buses will be allowed, but their last stops may be affected.

Travelling to Railway Stations:

Travelers are advised that during the G20 Summit, on September 10, from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM, road travel towards New Delhi Railway Station from Ajmeri Gate will be affected. Passengers are encouraged to use metro services. Taxi or auto-rickshaw travel will be permitted on these routes only if you show a railway ticket.

Routes to Airports:

Travelers heading to the airports can use private vehicles, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. However, it is advisable to allocate extra time for road travel. Prior to travel, ensure that you display your flight ticket. The Airport Express Line (Orange Line) connects New Delhi Station to Dwarka Sector 21, passing through Terminal 3 of IGI Airport.