Georgia's Hiram Bar and Grill restaurant has been getting slammed on social media after a video emerged of a group of 'white people' harassing a 'black' woman who visited there just to play pool. Georgia restaurant racism viral video has been doing rounds on social media with netizens demanding strict action in the incident. In fact, netizens are so much in anger over the Georgia restaurant racism video, that they are giving fewer stars and negative reviews to Hiram Bar and Grill on Google. In the Hiram Bar and Grill racism viral video, the black woman confronted the white people present in the restaurant and also asked a woman why she threw a box at her face. However, what raised everyone's eyebrows when a white man asked the black woman why she visited a 'white place'? Interestingly, the black woman said that she just visited the place because she wanted to play pool, and Hiram Bar and Grill is the only place where its facility is available.

In the Georgia Hiram Bar and Grill viral video, the black woman can be heard saying, "What the F*ck are you talking about? And you not gonna talk to me (the black lady pointing towards another white man present). I am gonna sit here, I am gonna finish my food and then I am gonna leave." The white man angrily replied, "You are gonna go to jail". The black woman replied, "I am ok with it, I have got a lot of money in my account." The video then jumps to the black woman accusing a white woman saying, "I asked to turn it down, she snapped at me and share threw a whole box at me." The white woman tells the black woman if she does not like it, she can leave the place. Interestingly, the other white men sitting there can also be heard asking the woman, "What you doing in a white place like this?"

The black woman replied, "I am in a white place like this because I am here to play pool. This is the only place where is a pool table. So, that's what I am doing at a white place." The man then told the black woman to buy her own pool table if she wants to play. The white man further says, "I am racist and I don't care."

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After the video went viral, netizens took to their social media accounts and slammed the restaurant. In fact, many shared the 'racist reviews' Hiram Bar and Grill restaurant has been getting.

A user wrote, "So Georgia has white only places? They should not get a cent of federal taxes. I wonder how many of those white ppl receive federal $$ every month."

Another user wrote, "They're SO proud of it. Because this is the norm there. They won't be embarrassed by this video because they are surrounded by people who don't feel this is shameful behavior"

"Most racist people are poor...They need somebody to blame for their lot in life. Racist, homophobic, there's always some form of bigotry ready to explain why anyone else did better than them," added another user.

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"That bag she’s carrying is worth more than all of them together," wrote another user.

"Did my part. Everyone else drop a review on this horrible place. Let it be known!"

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